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5 Best Places to Observe Easter Week in South America

Catholicism is the dominant religion in South America, home to about 40% of the world's Catholic followers.

Catholicism is the dominant religion in South America, home to about 40% of the world's Catholic followers. Most countries have distinct and unique traditions when it comes to Holy Week, or Easter Week before the annual April Sunday when it is said that Jesus Christ was resurrected. Each inhabited place, from the smallest of rural towns to the largest of capital cities and ports, host their own set of events in honor of this religious festival.

On Holy Thursday, the people visit their nearby churches and cathedrals in their finest wear to attend special mass ceremonies. The Last Supper may be reenacted. Good Friday is the most sacred day of the week, during which the devout refrain from eating red meat, and the crucifixion of Jesus is honored. Some schools and communities, for example, will replay the final trials and crucifixion. Saturday is a time of mourning and remembrance, allowing people to be with the families and consider their faith. Finally, Good Sunday is when all fasting is broken, and there may be colorful and happy festivities in neighborhoods and on the streets.

When considering this April event, it is important to know where to go! Here are the best places to observe Saint's Week celebration on your next trip to South America:

  • Ayacucho and Tarma, Peru
  • Popayan, Colombia
  • Ouro Preto, Brazil
  • Caracas, Venezuela
  • Quito, Ecuador

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