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Go beyond what you think you know about Colombia from all the campfire stories and come see what travelers have been raving about in recent years!

There are few countries with reputations more outdated than Colombia's. Just as modern Chicago and New York City are far cries from their grittier pasts, South America's hidden gem has come a long way from its reality of the last few decades. So, forget what you think you know about Colombia from all the campfire stories and come see what travelers have been raving about in recent years!

  • Go on a nature walk Between the rapidly growing cosmopolitan cities such as Bogota, the capital, and Medellin, its second city also known as the City of Eternal Spring, Colombia has become a top destination in South America for the business and technology industries. However, on vacation, your real reason to visit should be for the trails and treks. Besides the jungle-rich, alluring Tayrona National Park against the Caribbean waters in the north to the forests of staggering wax palms in the depths of the Coffee Region, there are thousands of other options for getting out there on foot (or horseback, depending on your abilities).
  • Meet the locals The Colombia tourism office may be eager to shed the country's archaic negative image, but the locals really take it to another level. Colombians have always been friendly, but now that they see visitors coming to get to know their home, they have really become the best ambassadors for their country. Whether you need advice on a good restaurant or something more, the Colombian people are there to help, always, and with giant smiles on their faces.
  • Move your hips The cultural history of Colombia is generally a mix of Caribbean and Spanish, in both of which dancing is an integral part of social interaction. The predominant dance today is salsa, evident in the countless salsa clubs and venues from the coasts inward to the heartland in Medellin to the south where Cali lies, largely considered the salsa capital in Colombia. The most important ingredient for getting your groove on is keeping rhythm with the music and responding to your partner. Even if it may be your first time trying this fun dance, do not be shy because you will always find people of all ages (children to the elderly!) and levels enjoying themselves on the dance floor.

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