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In Buenos Aires, Move to the Rhythm of Argentine Tango

When one thinks of South America, a few iconic dances probably come to mind: salsa (Colombia), marinera (Peru), and of course tango (Argentina).

When one thinks of South America, a few iconic dances probably come to mind: salsa (Colombia), marinera (Peru), and of course tango (Argentina).

Like so many entertainment forms around the world, tango from Argentina finds it origins in the working class but is now popular with audiences and dancers from all backgrounds.

Known for its passion, intensity, and smooth moves influenced by the likes of synchronized swimming and figure skating, Argentine tango is world known for being a great way to socialize with old friends and new. It can be performed in a variety of ways: flirty, angry, platonic, or artistic. What's important is to move as one with the music, also in tune with your partner, and also being open to improvisation at any time which is what adds to the fun! Other tips for dancing the tango, as the experts have reiterated;

  • Feel the music.
  • Take 2-3 private classes to get started. These classes will focus on the first steps, posture, and attitude.
  • Participate in group classes because it is the best way to enjoy the dance and also learn and improve with others, and of course make new friends.

In 2013, Argentina will continue as host the 2 large tango events: the Festival of Tango from August 13 to 19, and the World Tango Festival from August 20 to 27.

Each of the events are similar in that the activities tend to begin in the mid afternoon and continue until the early morning around 2am or later (true to Argentina's lingering hours when it comes to entertainment and going out). There is a balance between events set in venues and those found casually on the street, not to mention various classes, exhibitions, lectures, shows, competitions, and even some impromptu performers. Most events are free of charge but some require tickets purchased ahead of time, especially for some of the competitions.

If you plan to travel to Argentina during this time and attend these exciting tango events, keep in mind that the dress code is extremely casual, unless you hope to take a tango lesson or two, in which case aim to dress a little bit more formally and arrange for some tango shoes.

Festival of Tango: August 13-19, 2013

Location: La Usina del Tango & Centro de Exposiciones

Not only is this event highlight even in Argentina every year, it is also the largest tango event on earth. In 2012, more than 500,000 people witnessed the action! It is a great event no matter if you are a spectator, beginner, or experienced dancer; there are countless classes and activities to suit your every interest and fascination.

World Tango Festival: August 20-27, 2013

Location: Luna Park

This event is more geared towards the professionals. The world's top tango dancers congregate in Buenos Aires to test their bravado and skills against each other. In 2012, there were 487 couples from 32 countries of different categories including Tango Ballroom and Tango Theater (stage). The World Champions, crowned at the culmination of the World Tango Festival, gain bragging rights for the rest of the year!

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