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It's Official: Lima is South America's Top City!

All of us here in the tourism world have known this for a long time but now it's official: Lima is South America''s leading city!

All of us here in the tourism world have known this for a long time but now it's official: Lima is South America''s leading city! That is, with regards to number of visitors. The numbers are finally in, and according to the Euromonitor Top 100 City Destinations Ranking, Peru's capital beat the rest of South America with 3.79 million foreign arrivals, an incredible 29.1% increase from the year before. (For those who are curious, another of our favorite places--Buenos Aires--made 2nd place.)

Why have travel experts and travelers around the world increasingly turned their sights to Lima? Here are our top 5 reasons:

  1. It's on the road to Machu Picchu - One of the main reasons why many people visit Peru is to see and, more than anything, experience the ancient Inca citadel Machu Picchu. The ruins at the very tip top of an Andean mountain in southern Peru continues to baffle researchers and visitors alike: just how did the Incas get those huge stones up the mountain? With Lima just a 1 hour flight from Cusco, the "Navel of the World" based on old Inca legends, you are just a hop, skip, jump, and train ride from the site of one of the new World Wonders.
  2. The food is incredible - There are few of us out there who don't like to indulge in some great cuisine while on the road. In recent years, passion in the culinary arts has become a vital source of pride for Limenos and an attraction in and of itself that has put Lima on the map. Whether you are speaking with a hotel concierge, grandmother on the street corner, or teenager just leaving classes for the day, each will surely ask you what your favorite Peruvian dish is within a matter of minutes. No matter where you choose to dine, you will be tempted by the sights and smells of countless tantalizing dishes inspired by traditional techniques and modern fusion touches. This city is has no comparison when it comes to food on the continent: it is like Paris to Europe, or Tokyo to Asia, or simply on its own, Lima to South America.
  3. It's a boon for history lovers - The land on which Lima sprawls has been home to so many ancient civilizations and tribes. Not only did the magnificent Inca people once pass through this area, so did the Paracas, Moche, Nazca, Wari, and Chimu populations. Of course, when the Spanish arrived in the mid 16th century, they also set up shop in Lima, making the city its headquarters in the New World. Today, you will see archaeic pyramids amid modern skyscrapers next to old Spanish colonial homes. Now that's a historical experience!
  4. The fusion of cultures - Lima's history is full of stories of immigration, movement, and growth. In addition to the coastal people, you will also find many Peruvians from the Andean regions, Amazon jungle, and minority communities such as the Cantonese Chinese, Afro-Peruvians, Europeans, and much more. All of these people come together in 1 city giving life to a diversity of lifestyles, ideas, and of course food. Yet at the end of the day, they all proudly call themselves Peruvian.
  5. There's always something going on - No matter if your interest is in music, art, theater, extreme sports, political debates, or something else, Lima will always have something happening for you. The capital is a melting pot of ideas and passions. On the weekends, there are constantly dance nights, gallery openings, film festivals, and opportunities to paraglide over the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean. On the weekends, take yourself to the organic farmer's market or perhaps have a drink at the beach. When it comes to Lima, you'd be hard pressed to have time to say you're bored.

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