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No longer a destination for just daredevils, Colombia is one of South America’s hottest new destination. It is full of an amazing coastline, many mountain ranges, not to mention its energetic and vibrant culture. It aslo has the Amazon and the Coffee country.

Travel to Colombia for a land filled with great contrasts – from cosmopolitan cities, to lush mountain valleys, and the sultry rhythms of the Caribbean coast. With its rich cultural history, amazing architecture, geographical diversity and the simple warmth and hospitality of its people it’s easy to see why this fascinating country is becoming an increasingly popular spot for overseas visitors. Located in the Northwest of South America, and sharing borders with Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Panamá and Peru, Colombia is the fourth largest country on the continent. It’s the only South American country to boast two coast lines on the Pacific and Caribbean, and also shares Amazonian rain forest with Brazil and Peru, Los llanos or vast plains area with Venezuela. Three ranges of the Andean mountains run from the south to the north of the country.

 With its Pre-Colonial, Colonial & Republican history, Colombia offers a wealth of cultural attractions. After being off many travelers’ wish list for years, Colombia is fast becoming one of South America’s highlights. Although marred throughout the 1980s and 1990s due to notorious drug cartels operating in the country, Colombia is now one of the most secure countries in South America. Colombia’s size makes it easy to travel, with short flights between top highlights of the country. A trip to Colombia is an ideal combination of lively local cultures, adventure & relaxation.

 Vibrant and diverse Bogotá is the country’s capital and commercial backbone. The bustling metropolis is a mix of old and new; trendy and traditional. Home to a dazzling array of museums, churches, colonial mansions and stately buildings, Bogotá balances its past with its advance into the future. Located at an elevation of 8,660 ft on a mountain-rimmed plateau high in the Andes, Bogotá enjoys a spring-like climate throughout the year. Founded in the 16th century by Spanish conquistadores, the city was liberated by Simón Bolívar in 1819.

 The coffee region for many people is the heart and soul of Colombia; its cultural epicenter. With every turn, a spectacular panorama greets you – from rolling hillsides of fertile coffee plantations, to plunging valleys, colorful mountain towns, and vibrant tropical flowers nestled amongst the foliage. Rural life continues as it has done for centuries, harvesting coffee, plantains and many other fruits in this lush and fertile land. Staying in one of the many haciendas provides an opportunity to get a feel for the area’s ambience.

 Located on the Caribbean coast, Cartagena de Indias was formerly the gateway port used by the Spanish. Here they would store the riches plundered form the interior before they were transported back to Spain. Cartagena’s rich history, diverse culture and energy absorb every visitor, allowing them a glimpse into the past and a chance to relax in superb surroundings. This passionate and vibrant city with some of the best preserved colonial architecture in all of South America exudes character; mix in African rhythms and indigenous influences with Spanish colonial splendor, and Cartagena is truly an amazing destination.

 Forget everything you have heard about Medellin; it’s probably old news. The city was the headquarters of one of the country’s most notorious drug cartels, but what the international media forgot to report was the cities remarkable turnaround. Medellin is the second largest city in Colombia and regarded as one of the most important in business, politics, and fashion and nightlife. Its growth has been impressive over the past ten years, and the advance in the security situation has been such that Medellin is now regarded as one of the safest cities in South America. Medellin is vibrant, contemporary and well worth a visit for its vast selection of fine restaurants, bars and its people. To sit at a coffee shop or bar and watch the people of Medellin walk by can easily take up a morning! Medellin is rapidly becoming a must on any Colombian itinerary.

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