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Travel to Argentina and find a land of great diversity, with its people, hospitality and spectacular beauty, there is a lot of adventure calling at you.

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We custom craft Argentina trips to your exacting needs and interests while using top guides and getting you insider access to the best of Argentina.

Argentina in style for families

Experience cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, hike glaciers and lakes in Patagonia and view the giant Iguazu Falls on this all-inclusive tour of the best of Argentina.

Argentina Travel tips

Stroll through wine country around Mendoza, bike ride through the tango capital Buenos Aires, take a boat ride at the imposing Iguazu Falls and explore the far ends of the world known as Patagonia.

Travel to Argentina with Latin Excursions

Come experience one of South America’s most vibrant and captivating destinations. Argentina is a land of rich cultural and ecological diversity, and Latin Excursions has some excellent tours that will help you get to know this vivid country.

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Our Argentina Tours

Pre-Designed Journey

Argentina in Style for Families

13 Days/12 Nights

$8,495 /per person, based on 2 people

Buenos Aires, Bariloche, El Calafate

Experience cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, hike glaciers and lakes in Patagonia and view the giant Iguazu Falls on this all-inclusive tour of the best of Argentina.

Pre-Designed Journey

Argentina for Active Families

14 Days/13 Nights

$8,195 /per person, based on 4 people

Buenos Aires, Mendoza, Bariloche and Iguazu

This private tour combines the cosmopolitan glamour of Buenos Aires with wine-tasting in the foothills of the Andes in Mendoza, outdoor activities in the pristine natural beauty of northern ...

Custom Journey

Argentina Wine and Cuisine

12 Days/11 Nights

From $450/per day per person, depending of customize accommodations.

Buenos Aires,Mendoza,Bariloche, Villa La Angostura

This private tour combines the cosmopolitan glamour of Buenos Aires with wine tasting in the foothills of the Andes in Mendoza, Argentina’s premier wine region, and ends with a mix of outdoor ...

Custom Journey

Argentina and Uruguay in Style

15 Days/14 Nights

From $450/per day per person, depending of customize accommodations.

Buenos Aires, Calafate, Bariloche, Iguazu, Punta del Este - Jose Ignacio

Combine the cosmopolitan glamour of Buenos Aires with the dramatic landscapes of northern and southern Patagonia, visit the majestic Iguazúl Falls, and end with rest and relaxation in the stylish Jose Ignacio, Uruguay.

The Vines

Mendoza, Argentina

The Vines is not just resort, has own winery and also vineyards owned by small winemakers. Escape to South America's nest resort, set on 1500 acres of Private Vineyards and cultivated from the passion and expertise of The Vines of Mendoza team.

The Four Seasons Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Spacious luxury Suites, charming gardens, and swanky gourmet restaurants and bars can be enjoyed at The Four Seasons hotel in Buenos Aires. The Four Seasons Hotel is divided over a contemporary tower ...

Peuma Hue Boutique Hotel

Patagonia, Argentina

On the shores of Lake Gutierrez in Patagonia, the estancia is a magical retreat from city life; guests enjoy a mixture of relaxation and reflection with outdoor activities like hiking, horseback riding and kayaking

HUB Porteño Hotel

Buenos Aires, Argentina

HUB Porteño is an exclusive urban retreat of just 11 suites located in Recoleta, Buenos Aires. The handcrafted local design and a superb central location provide the ideal base for a series of ...

El Colibri Estancia

Cordoba, Argentina

El Colibrí is a luxurious country retreat in the lovely hills of Córdoba - a paradise of the outdoors and ideal place to be pampered. Owned and operated by a young French couple, it ...

Palacio Duhau Hotel

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Set in the elegant Recoleta, this hotel is part of the Park Hyatt brand, but reserves old-world charm

Faena Hotel

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Located at Faena district is a new neighborhood in the City of Buenos Aires, born of the idea that all urban experiences should stimulate and positively influence people's quality of life. Each of ...

Puerto Bemberg

Iguazu, Argentina

For those looking to immerse yourself into an estancia (farm) setting and escape from the crowds,

House of Jasmines

Salta, Argentina

The House of Jasmines is rustic-chic stylish, using designs inspired by the region of Salta - the most indigenous area of Argentina.

Entre Cielos Hotel

Mendoza, Argentina

Entre Cielos is a small luxury wine resort located in Mendoza, that offers guests a warm welcome along with the atmosphere and surroundings necessary to Vivir la Vida, their distinctive way of saying ...

Correntoso Lake and River Hotel

Villa La Angostura, Argentina

Special Touches: Since 1917, when the only access to these remote corners of Patagonia was by boat or seaplane, the visionary pioneer Primo Capraro, enchanted by the magnificent scenery, built a ...

Destination Highlights:

Argentina is a land of great diversity – the Andes create a natural border with Chile to the west; both lunar landscapes and rainforests can be found in the north; spectacular glaciers and sub-Antarctic wildlife cover the country's southern tip; and the vast plains of the La Pampa region run west from Buenos Aires.

There really is something for everyone, including some of Latin America's best wildlife watching opportunities and captivating cities with equally varied histories, culture, and traditions. It is also quickly becoming a top sporting destination, offering first class riding, trekking, shooting, and fishing.

Buenos Aires: Argentina’s cosmo capital

The magic begins the moment you arrive in the flamboyantly cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires. Still preserving its elegant and colonial past, the “Paris of the Southern Hemisphere” will entertain you with a warmth typical of this country and its people.

From here, the options are limited only by your imagination, and we’re here to help you plan the perfect itinerary.

The grasslands of Las Pampas

Leaving the city, the mesmerizing Pampas stretch away across the heart of the country to distant horizons that shimmer in the heat. Home to the iconic Gaucho, this seemingly endless grassland nurtures some of the best beef in the world.

Here, you can enjoy the world-renowned wines of the Mendoza region as they pair perfectly with the world class beef.

The mountains of Patagonia

Patagonia is a land of everlasting snowcapped peaks, infinite ice-blue glaciers, emerald green lakes, winding rivers, lush green forests, and majestic cliffs.

Its natural majesty makes it one of the most spectacular destinations on Earth and a must-see item on anyone’s bucket list. We can help make this dream a reality on your Argentine adventure.

Argentina’s rainforest and Andean plains

Towards the hot and humid northeast, a sub-tropical rainforest defines the landscape, revealing crumbling ruins of early Jesuit missions, half hidden by clinging creeper plants. As the landscape rises to the border with Brazil and Paraguay, the spectacular Iguazu Falls thunder more than 70 meters to the rocks below.

In stark contrast to this dense jungle are the high Andean plains and salt lakes of the northwest. Otherworldly in their desolate magnificence, a day spent horseback riding in the pure air of the mountains is an experience unlike any other.

Some not-to-miss experiences on a trip to Argentina:

  • Watch a passionate tango show in Buenos Aires
  • Dine in top Argentine restaurants
  • See the panoramic view of the Iguazú falls
  • Throw on your apron for a private cooking lesson at Mendoza
  • Go horseback riding along the shores of a glimmering lake
  • Trek across a glacier
  • Explore wildlife on the Valdes Peninsula
  • Become a living part of the myths and legends around the “End of the world”
  • Take advantage of the southern coasts to do a cruise to Antarctica

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