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Travel Itineraries Should Be Life-Changing

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From a young age, I’ve been smitten with the transformative nature of travel. Once bitten by the discovery bug, and especially if you are drawn to meeting people, there’s no turning back. While working for corporate America, I discovered that I had a knack for organizing group travel, and in my free time, I put together a group to the Galapagos and designed the itinerary. Friends and colleagues went and it was a success!

More trips followed and Latin Excursions was born in 2003, putting into motion the idea that personalized, private travel in nature destinations was an affordable proposition when viewed through the lens of personal transformation. Inspiring moments have a way of flowing out of private, highly personalized discovery. This is the elixir. And so for decades now the Latin Excursions team has nurtured local partners: for they are the great story-tellers and the truest ambassadors of the places they call home. Voluntourism (travel experiences that “give back”) have followed, evolving where communities are set up for and appreciate the support of foreigners.

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I’ve traveled extensively around the world but feel the strongest connection to South America, probably because of its cultural similarities to my Portuguese heritage. I spent four months traveling through Peru, Chile, Argentina and Brazil; and before joining Latin Excursions, I spent a month in Colombia, a country I adore and love to help clients realize how amazing it is.

I believe the best way to learn about a country is to immerse yourself in the local culture – the place’s cuisine, local traditions, music, festivals – and to be open to all the special, spontaneous moments that happen when least expected. A favorite travel memory is being invited to a local Medellin home on Christmas Eve and salsa dancing on the street with the residents till 4:00am. No one there spoke English and it didn’t matter!

NEXT UP – Sri Lanka and Maldives!

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Travel etches memories on the brain – they can and often are life-changing experiences. My brain has been forever etched with travel memories – whether it is the image of an elderly Japanese couple standing on ladders while individually wrapping each peach on a peach tree, or, interacting with a young Quichua man, woman and baby floating on a raft down a tributary of the Napo River, or, watching tigers and rhinos from the safety of elephant back. I came away from each of those travels with a sense of being connected – being one with nature and man.

When the opportunity to join Latin Excursions arose, I jumped at the chance. Enticed out of retirement by Eric Sheets, I put my best skills on the line to observe the rhythms of business and to help implement Eric’s vision for creating life-changing experiences for our guests. Come travel with us and find you very own life-changing experience.

NEXT UP – Bhutan – as part of a circumnavigation of the globe, east to west

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Originally from Germany, I spent 6 years living in Medellin, Colombia. I’ve travelled extensively around the country exploring not only Bogota, the Coffee Region, Santa Marta/Tayrona and Cartagena, but also off-the-beaten-path places like La Guajira Desert, the outdoor Mecca Barichara, the Colombian Amazon and the picturesque Pacific Coast.

Married to a native Colombian, I frequently visit my second home country – both to spend time with Colombian family and to explore the latest trends, hotels, and top restaurants. Over the years I’ve refined my Medellin Spanish, so much so that our trusted partners call me The German Paisa (Paisas are the people from Medellin). I’m a huge fan of the local cuisines of Latin America (I often take a cooking class in new places). I’m also hooked on outdoor adventure though, known to seek out biking, hiking/trekking, rafting, kayaking, horseback riding, as well as experiences like paragliding, skydiving and deep-water diving.

A favorite travel memory is being invited by a local family to their home in an indigenous community deep in the Colombian Amazon. Once there, I was told that many villagers had never seen a foreigner before! The nights sitting together with my host family, sharing stories of everybody’s life, learning so much from each other were a truly unforgettable experience.

I’ve also travelled repeatedly to Cuba, Ecuador & Galapagos, Panama and Argentina. On a recent trip to Cuba, while discovering the picturesque Vinales Valley, I went on an incredible off-the-beaten-track horseback ride with a real Cuban “Gaucho” followed by a traditional lunch at a real Campesino home chatting with the different family members. These kinds of experiences – personal and unvarnished – are what’s it’s all about.

NEXT UP – Colombia and Peru, in Latin America.  Around the world: Laos and Cambodia


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